Hard reset iPhone 6s

This tutorial describes how to induce restart Apple’s iPhone 6s and earlier versions, and the way to trigger Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) way to troubleshoot your device if necessary.

A reset has stopped responding, or your own iPhone, which can be useful in the event the gadget, is freezing, throwing up mistakes. In case a reset or Retrieval Mode does not address DFU manner, on the other hand, restores an iPhone.

DFU mode allows the device upgrade the firmware interface using iTunes and revives the OS without installing the version that is downloaded. It is for installing old versions of iOS helpful when there goes a jailbreak poor, or in case a beta malfunctions.

How to Hard Reset ‌iPhone‌ 6s and Before Models?

Press and hold down the ‌iPhone’s Sleep/Wake button onto the Ideal side of this handset.

Together with the Sleep/Wake button press and hold the Home button on the front of the handset.

Proceed to hold both buttons whereas the screen remains blank, until it comes back with the Apple logo revealing.

To depart DFU mode, just hold the Home button along with also the Sleep/Wake button before the Apple logo is displayed in your ‌iPhone’s display.

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