Hard reset iPhone 8

With the launch of the iPhone X along with this 8, Apple made some adjustments. These changes come after Apple made modifications to this 7 – the iOS apparatus.

These changes not only impact pressure restarts but also change the procedure for inputting recovery-mode and DFU mode. Take a look at our video that is short walkthrough inside to get a look at the changes in actions.

The best way to induce restart iPhone 8

To induce restart (hard reset) that the iPhone 8, then quickly press the Volume Up button, then press again the Volume Down button, and then press and hold the Negative button before your device reboots, then launch. All 3 button presses need to be performed in succession. The iPhone will induce restart after holding the Negative button for around ten minutes.

This behavior exists on all iPhone 8 and 8 Plus versions running iOS 11. With this shift in operation in your mind, a new way of DFU style, recovery-mode, and force restarts required to be executed, and Apple has done.

To depart from recovery-mode, press and hold the Negative button before the Connect to iTunes logo disappears. To exit from DFU mode, quickly press the Volume Up button, then again press the Volume Down button, press and hold the Negative button till you find the Apple logo looks on-screen (you might also use this to leaving recovery-mode in the event that you only prefer to keep in mind that a single method).

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